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     Assign materials, track compliance, and know what's happening easily

     Spot outliers and document proof of quality outcomes quickly

     Empower learners and faculty to improve on their own anytime!

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More curricula available.  To sample content and features in action, contact us for a no-risk online webinar.

Are your students passing the PANCE?

Challenger’s PANCE prep course follows the NCCPA’s content blueprint, testing students on both organ systems and tasks. Our PANCE Prep targets areas of weakness so that students can focus their study to the areas that need it the most. In addition, faculty have the opportunity to see students’ prep results as well and identify early on who needs extra help before test day.

Is your faculty tired of creating questions for EOR exams?

Challenger's EOR exam packs relieves faculty stress in coming up with new questions year after year to test students’ knowledge throughout their clinical year. These exams are easily proctored and show faculty how long the students actually spent on the tests as well as how they answered each individual question. The question review gives students the opportunity to see what they missed and why.

Does your program lack a common curriculum?

Challenger's PA course provides hundreds of topics to select from and assign to evaluate students while on rotation. Our didactic support curricula acts as a base from which to test students on case-based topics to ensure that they're learning the full spectrum of what is expected on a particular rotation.

Features and Benefits

Deploy NCCPA "blueprint"-based curricula with built-in testing - or customize.

Challenger's education library contains comprehensive education curricula and PANCE exam preparation for physician assistant trainees.

You can instantly deploy ready-made courseware based on today's board-exam "blueprints" or create your own content progression from Challenger's library to fit existing rotational schedules.

And, we'll keep everything up-to-date, so you don't have to.

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Empower learner self-improvement with automatic "weak area" guidance.

What if you could improve education uptake and its effect with less effort?

That's what Challenger's "prescriptive" self-assessment outputs do.  From board exam simulators to "section" exams to individual topic-focused quizzes, your learners can self-assess and automatically get feedback and remediation guidance addressing "weak" areas - on their own, anytime.  

Learners see more case-based presentations than they ever would in live training and develop a larger, more well-rounded understanding of care.

That leads to better exam scores and a more proficient practitioner.

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Track group and individual learner progress at a glance and easily dive into details.

Tired of goosechases?  Our program dashboards make tracking learner activity and performance super easy.  No paper-based hassles either.

You can view specific groups (e.g. a PGY) or individual trainees and get to the real issue...what do they know well and where are they weak.

You can even access specific assessment's results to see exactly what was missed which allows for more focused attention to each individual.

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Control who does what, when, with shared assignment calendaring and e-notifications.

Our Assignments engine is one-of-a-kind wonderful.

Imagine being able to outline a year's worth of educational requirements on a shared calendar well in-advance and knowing your learners will get personal email notifications as assignments come due.  

Meanwhile, you can get notifications when assignments are active, completed, or overdue.  No more "forgot my assignment" excuses.

We push the information to you so you don't have to chase it.

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Quickly improve exam scores and pass-rates

Performance on certification exams can make or break a trainee's career - and it reflects upon the training program they attended.

Your trainess don't have much time as it is - so we make preparing for exams easy, adaptive, and super fast.

Our board exam reviews include board-style Q&A and automatic "weak area" guidance so your learners can self-improve - on their own - 24/7.  

And our 99% boards pass-rate is second to none.

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Over 250 institutions and counting.

More and more training institutions are using Challenger.

"I have realized for a long time that Challenger was a gold standard for PA education content, but the education management tools included in their platform are completely unmatched. I would encourage any PA program interested in improving their outcomes (and daily lives) to take a look at Challenger."

Tim King, PA-C
Executive Director, SOWEGA
Board Member, AAPA

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