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Customize your own career "go-to" and save time, money, and hassles every year.

Create a free account.  Add assets at cost just once.  Keep everything in your account up-to-date, renewed, and available.

What does  Premium  mean?  "Premium" is an account status gained when any product purchase includes Premium Membership. Products marked as "Premium" include Premium Membership and one year of access (free of charge) as part of your initial purchase.

For only $199/yr (around $16/mo), your active Premium Membership will keep EVERY asset in your account up-to-date, ready, and available for every year of your career, including annual additions to any subscription products and CME credit availability. This way you buy the items you need once and keep your wealth of up-to-date MOC/CME assets on-call to use every year as your career requirement needs recur.

Account Features Free Premium
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Ongoing Content Updates to ALL Assets
Annual Renewal of CME Credit Availability in Assets
Dashboards and Reports
  • Track Progress in Assets
  • Manage CME Earnings
CME Certificate Automation
Online 24/7 Access to Assets
Offline Portability
  • Download to Mac/PC
  • Sync Data w/ Online
Free Live US-based Support
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*Asset CME credit availability subject to change as dictated by Challenger and its accrediting authorities.

*Premium membership includes a low recurring annual fee for ongoing updates and annual CME renewal of your account assets.  Purchase of Premium products activate Premium Membership (Premium account status).  Your initial Premium purchase/upgrade sets your annual Premium renewal date.  After your first year of Premium membership, your user account's preferred payment option will be charged the prevailing Premium membership fee.  Opting out of Premium membership returns your account to Regular status and access to Premium assets is suspended.  When Premium is re-engaged, all purchases assets and completion data will reappear in your account for continued use.

See all policy information.

Stay up-to-date and ace exams with proven "blueprint" based review content

Challenger's education library provides comprehensive education in every major physician specialty including physician assistant, nursing, and medical student-level curricula.

Specialized courses are based on board exam "blueprints" and provide practice, read-friendly review, and scored CME assessment modes.  Board-style Q&A provide full answer explanations and instant feedback.

And, we keep everything up-to-date, always.

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Fulfill annual CME requirements and track your progress quickly

Personal Dashboards include top-level information about your account holdings and progress in interactive graphs and listings.

You'll know what you've done - and what's left to do - so you get the most out of your assets over time.

You can see your CME credit earnings and quickly submit for certificates or run reports to document your personal SA and PI initiatives for MOC part IV.

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Prepare for exams faster, score higher

Performance on certification exams can make or break a medical career.

It's high-stress and you don't have much time as it is - so we make preparing for exams easy, adaptive, and super fast.

Our board exam reviews include board-style Q&A and instant weak area feedback so you spend time where you need to most.  

And our 99% pass-rate is second to none.

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Challenger Board Exam Pass Rates vs. National Average

Challenger 98%
National Average 76%

Find and fix weak areas anytime, stay sharp

From board exam simulators to "section" exams to individual topic-focused quizzes, your learners can self-assess and automatically get feedback and remediation guidance addressing "weak" areas - exams or not.  

After all, it's your daily practice that really matters.  We make things efficient, yet complete.  You become more proficient and exam-prepared with every self-assessment.

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Work anywhere, online or offline

Challenger allows users to download their courses to their Mac or PC laptops for times when the Internet is unavailable.

Once you regain Internet access you can sync your offline scores and progress to your online account.

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I would like to personally endorse Med-Challenger as a stellar resource for meeting my ongoing career needs. It is so much more cost effective and convenient than all the other options out there. For me, it put the 'fun' back into learning on my own time.

Richard Elsea, MD

Practice Made Perfect

With a Challenger account, you can build your own personal "go-to" resource for fulfilling your career needs and requirements every year - and we'll keep it ready for you to use over and over.

Ongoing Knowledge Review and Updates

Looking for an easy way to stay up-to-date and have fun?  Our library includes comprehensive review courses in a variety of specialties. Not only are courses based on the most current board exam "blueprint" in each specialty, but content and self-testing features include automatic content updates so as medicine changes, so do your assets.  "Standard" reviews also include a host of CME credits as well.

Annual Maintenance of Certification Assets

Satisfying annual maintenance requirements is no hassle with a Challenger account.  Challenger maintains annual MOC assets for hassle-free annual compliance of MOC requirements.  From LLSA review to MC-FP SAMs review, to specialized CME credit types, staying in-step with your personal MOC requirements has never been easier.  Just add what you need and get new items annually.

Annual CME Credit Requirements

Nearly everyone has annual AMA Category 1 CME credit requirements as part of their maintenance of certification.  And many more, have additional CME credit annual requirements from state and specialty organizations.  Challenger provides AMA Cat 1, ACEP, AAFP, AAP, AAPA, ANCC "contact hour" credits - all in one convenient spot.  Just add the assets you need and save time and money annually.

Pass-Guaranteed Board Exam Prep

We're the established leader in board exam review.  Our 99.8% pass rate is second to none and all comprehensive exam reviews are backed by a 100% Pass-Guarantee.  You either pass or you get your money back.  In addition to more Q&A than other products, our reviews also provide "weak area" feedback so you don't waste time in areas you already know well.  That makes for the fastest review.

Personal Reports and Documentation

Tired of scrambling between resources to understand what you've completed and what's left?  Challenger's reporting suite gives you personal clarity of needs as well as a handy "performance improvement" documentation tool for Part 4 MOC.  

Prescriptive Output Fixes Weak Areas

Content-rich remediation Don't spend time in areas you already know well.  Our board exam simulations find your "weak areas" and then present remediation directly in those areas.  You save time by focusing only where you need to.  

Continuous Content Additions and Revision

Medicine changes all the time - so we do as well.  Our content is continually assessed and peer-reviewed to address any new guidelines or other changes in medicine as they occur - about 5x faster than any textbook publisher.  Our board-certified editorial board also ADDS new content to courses throughout the year.  

At-a-glance Personal Dashboards

Challenger isn't just about your practice quality, it's about your quality of life.  Dashboards allow you to see your latest progress clearly and help you find and solve any needs quickly.  See what's left to do in materials so you get the best bang for your buck.  Pause and resume self-testing anytime. You can even compare your results to other Challenger users.

Online and Offline Portability

Mobility.  It's the norm today. Challenger has one of the only platforms that's both scalable and portable. Our server-based system allows you to work anywhere, or download content offline to a laptop for on-the-go use.  Offline work, progress, scores, etc. can be uploaded to your online Challenger account too!  With Challenger, everything stays consistent and easy to manage. 

Add assets once - Use again and again - Save every year.

Stop the cycle once and for all with Challenger Premium Membership.  No matter what you put in your account, with Premium Membership, we'll keep everything in your cart current (and available for CME credit use) year after year.  You simply pay once for assets and you get to use them every year for less than $16/month.