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Online products for NCLEX-RN / NCLEX-NP board exam review, AMA & ANCC CNE credits and other career requirements.

Whatever your career requires - now & every year - Challenger provides the fastest, most powerful and convenient "on-call" solution for your best outcomes.
  • Nurse Knowledge Review and NCLEX Board Exam Prep
  • Maintenance of Certification CNE Requirements
  • AMA Category 1 & ANCC "Contact hour" CNE Credits
  • State, Specialty, and Workplace CME Requirements
  • Free updates with active Premium membership
  • You save time, hassles, and costs every year

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For only $199/yr (around $16/mo), your active Premium Membership will keep EVERY asset in your account up-to-date, ready, and available for every year of your career, including annual additions to any subscription products and CME credit availability. This way you buy the items you need once and keep your wealth of up-to-date MOC/CME assets on-call to use every year as your career requirement needs recur.

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*Asset CME credit availability subject to change as dictated by Challenger and its accrediting authorities.

*Premium membership includes a low recurring annual fee for ongoing updates and annual CME renewal of your account assets.  Purchase of Premium products activate Premium Membership (Premium account status).  Your initial Premium purchase/upgrade sets your annual Premium renewal date.  After your first year of Premium membership, your user account's preferred payment option will be charged the prevailing Premium membership fee.  Opting out of Premium membership returns your account to Regular status and access to Premium assets is suspended.  When Premium is re-engaged, all purchases assets and completion data will reappear in your account for continued use.

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