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    Pregnancy with Pre-existing Medical Illness Exam Review, Free CME Quiz

    Pregnancy with Pre-existing Medical Illness Board Review Questions: Free CME Quiz

    Pregnancy CME Quiz courtesy of Med-Challenger Online Medical Education. This week's Med-Challenger free CME quiz - Pregnancy with Pre-existing Medical Illness - the quick quiz covers signs of labor onset in a pregnant woman with a low cervical spinal cord injury, common etiologies of coma during pregnancy due to diabetic ketoacidosis, the effect of pregnancy on T helper cell dependent autoimmune diseases, and the definition of eclampsia.

    A free sample Pregnancy with Pre-existing Medical Illness question included below.  The full Pregnancy with Pre-existing Medical Illness CME quiz is free online for a limited time.  You can earn AMA CME credit - and now you can earn ANCC contact hours as well!  Play now.  

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    Here's this week's sample CME board review question on pregnancy with pre-existing medical illness:

    A 21-year-old insulin dependent diabetic is found comatose at home. She is 17 weeks pregnant and is found to have a serum glucose of 386 mg/dl (normal: 70-110 mg/dl).


    The most accurate statement regarding diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) in pregnancy is...

    Answer Options:

    Fetal mortality is unusual.

    Glucose levels tend to be higher in pregnant women than non-pregnant patients with DKA.

    Hyperemesis is one of the most common precipitants.

    Serum pH tends to be lower in pregnant than non-pregnant patients with DKA.


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    Pregnancy with Pre-existing Medical Illness cme quiz - Pregnancy with Pre-existing Medical Illness board review questions cme quiz - free CME quiz - earn AMA Category 1 credit and ANCC contact hours