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    Shoulder Pain After Electric Shock - Patient Case of the Week

    Shoulder Pain After Electric Shock - Clinical Patient Case of the Week

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    Try this case and test your knowledge of shoulder trauma.

    A conscious patient is brought in by emergency medical services after experiencing an electric shock. Amongst several complaints, the patient has severe left shoulder pain. On examination, the patient is semi-reclined and holding his left arm tightly across the front of his body.

    You obtain a portable single view preliminary x-ray in the trauma bay (see Figure 1).

    shoulder pain after shock - electric shock shoulder trauma



    Which of the following statements is correct about this patient's injury?

    Answer Options:

    This is the most commonly missed fracture in the upper extremity.

    This injury requires surgery.

    Neurologic injury is especially common with this injury.

    The patient's ability to supinate his left wrist should be checked.


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