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    New-Onset Seizure in Patient with Cancer - Case of the Week

    Try this free seizure disorders case Q&A courtesy of Med-Challenger.


    A 49-year-old man with small-cell lung cancer presents with a new-onset seizure that occurred at home.

    Computed tomography (CT) of the brain shows a low attenuation area in the right parietal area (see Figure 1).

    Figure 1.

    Seizure Disorders figure - New Onset Seizure in Patient with Cancer

    Which of the following statements are correct about seizures in patients with cancer?

    Answer Options:
    • Seizures are more common with brain tumors in the parietal, temporal, or frontal lobe than the occipital lobe.
    • High-grade tumors, such as glioblastoma multiforme or metastatic brain tumors, are more likely to cause seizures than low-grade and slow-growing primary brain neoplasms.
    • The incidence of seizures in patients with brain metastases is 70% to 80%.
    • Use of chemotherapy may cause seizures.
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    The correct answer is:

    Seizures are more common with brain tumors in the parietal, temporal, or frontal lobe than the occipital lobe.


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