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    Pediatric Bacterial Infections - Free CME Quick Quiz

     This week's Med-Challenger free CME quiz - Pediatric Bacterial Infections - covers the diagnostic workup and management of pelvic inflammatory disease, the typical clinical picture of patients with whooping cough, C. difficile intestinal colonization in newborns, and occurrence patterns of H. influenzae cellulitis.

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    Here's this week's free sample question...

    A 5-month-old infant is brought to see you because of 3 days of watery diarrhea. Her parents report that she has had low-grade fevers, and anything she eats seems to come right out in her diaper. You order a test for C. difficile. 

    Which is true regarding this test in this patient?

    Answer Options:
    • Formula-fed infants are less likely to test positive for C. difficile than breastfed infants.

    • If the test returns positive, oral erythromycin should be started at the appropriate weight-based dose and retesting for cure should occur in 1-2 weeks.

    • If this patient were a newborn, a positive C. difficile test would be cause for great concern; in this patient, it is not.

    • Even with a positive test for C. difficile, other possible causes of this patient's diarrhea should be sought.
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    The correct answer is:

    Even with a positive test for C. difficile, other possible causes of this patient's diarrhea should be sought.


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    This case-based review question comes from our Med-Challenger PEDS exam review and CME credit course for pediatricians.

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