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    Heart Sounds Auscultation Review Course

    Auscultation is an important part of many exams and clinical skill building. Med-Challenger incorporates this audio with board review questions, detailed explanations, and remediation.

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    Heart sounds
    Best Cardiac Auscultation Course


    Comprehensive review of Cardiac Auscultation

    Price: $229

    • For physicians, PAs, and nurses interested in cardiac auscultation (heart sounds)
    • Identify normal heart sounds and their differentiation from abnormal sounds
    • List sites and methods for differentiating abnormal heart sounds and which pathology is causing them
    • Over 100 board-style Q&A including audio media examples
    • Adaptive self-assessment with guided remediation

    This product includes the following assets:

    • Heart Sounds
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    Lots of Great Features

    • Includes comprehensive audio for those interested in cardiac auscultation
    • Detailed explanations for understanding why an answer is correct or incorrect
    • Colorful images for visual presentation
    • Easy to read dashboard
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