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    Whether it's individual or group education solutions that you seek, Med-Challenger has the answer. We lead in medical education, operating the world’s largest library of accredited content. Medical Certification Exam Review and Preparation, CME Requirements, and Maintenance of Certification made easy for individuals and groups.

    What is Med-Challenger?
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    Med-Challenger for Clinicians

    • Prepare for and pass exams with up-to-date content that follows specialty blueprints
    • Less stress with exam prep, general knowledge, CME, & MOCs all in one place
    • Meet CME & MOC requirements by earning credits while you study
    • Save time with always available on the go option
    • No risk Boards pass guarantee

    Med-Challenger for Groups & Programs

    • Prepare for ITE and certification exams with up-to-date content that follows specialty blueprints
    • Assess Clinical knowledge
    • Remediate knowledge gaps
    • Stay current with constantly updated content
    • Ensure compliance with performance reports

    Customer Testimonials

    "Med-Challenger is awesome. Easiest way to have everything I need to ace exams and satisfy annual CME requirements throughout my career. Saves me time, money, and stress every year. Great tools and content with a lasting strategy. Big recommend."
    Tom Berg, MD
    "Love the control over my cohorts' activities. No more paper goose-chases and scores are way up.  We hit 100% pass rate again."
    Nancy Porter, NP, Program Manager
    "This is a true 'quality of life' solution for healthcare providers.  Love it."
    Frank Richards, MD
    "Our program loves having Challenger.  Everything we want to do is available, strong pre-built content and easy content authoring.  And all the controls for online education programs. A surprisingly robust medical education platform."
    Arjun Kumar, MD
    Individuals Get Started
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