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    Joint Commission CME Courses

    Comprehensive courses that offer CME and certificates that allow clinicians to stay compliant. These courses feature board-style review questions, detailed explanations, images, and remediation.

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    MED-CHALLENGER Trauma Center CE


    As low as $19/month


    MED-CHALLENGER Stroke Center CE


    As low as $19/month


    MED-CHALLENGER Cardiac Center CE


    As low as $19/month

    Study Efficiently, Pass Exams & Stay Current

    Med-Challenger's Joint Commission courses collectively boast over 400 board-style review questions and cases, and is designed to help individuals fulfill certification requirements and stay up-to-date with the latest medical knowledge.

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    Meet CME and MOC Requirements Every Year

    In addition to certification requirements, you can also earn CME credits by passing bite-sized, topic-based assessments. Produce various CME certificates anytime and easily keep track of your earned credits year after year.

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    High-Quality Content 

    Med-Challenger’s content is written by experienced physicians and educators, and is regularly updated to reflect the latest medical knowledge and exam trends.

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    Pass Guaranteed. No Risk.

    Med-Challenger offers a Boards Pass Guarantee for all of our comprehensive board review courses.

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    Detailed Explanations and Targeted Remediation

    Med-Challenger's detailed explanations and remediation provide comprehensive understanding of the material and help reinforce knowledge. Targeted remediation gets you exam-ready in less time.

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    Outstanding Audio & Imagery

    Detailed, high resolution imagery and audio clips bring concepts to life and aids in information retention.


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    Personalized & Prescriptive Learning

    Med-Challenger's adaptive learning algorithm tailors content to each user's individual learning needs, focusing on weak areas, making studying more efficient and effective.

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    Customizable Examinations

    Choose between baseline exams, board exam simulators, missed questions only, topic-based exams - or build your own exams.

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    Easy to use interactive dashboard makes finding what you're looking for a breeze. See everything in one place.

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    Mobile Friendly Interface

    Med-Challenger is optimized for use on mobile devices, allowing users to access their content and study on-the-go.

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    Save time, money and stress. Get more.

    Don't spend your time and energy - and more money - traveling to and sitting through a live review cram course that leaves you holding a paper binder and no lasting value. With Med-Challenger, you study when you want, where you want.  Stay comfortable.  We bring everything to you.  More than just effective board exam review, more than a "question bank," it's ongoing knowledge support.

    Plus, our board reviews are designed for your high-stakes exam - as well as your career requirements after you've passed your exam - year after year. You'll never have to buy MOC resources again.

    "Not only did I get prepared in no time using Med-Challenger, I scored in the 95% percentile."

    Marie Benson, MD