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    Clerkship Exams, Shelf Exams, and USMLE Certification Exam Review

    Clerkship exam review, shelf exam review, and USMLE exam preparation for medical students.
    Verify your knowledge, stay current and credentialed, and pass your medical student exams with high scores.

    Med-Challenger is the proven leader in online medical certification exam preparation.
    Med-Challenger medical certification exam review courses are no-risk. 100% pass-guaranteed.
    Medical students give Med-Challenger a five star rating for exam preparation, CME resources, lifelong learning, and practice efficiency.
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    Best Exam Review Course for Medical Students


    Med-Challenger USMLE

    USMLE Certification Exam Preparation with Clerkship Exam Review and Shelf Exams

    Ace Clerkship & Shelf Exams and pass USMLE Step 2CK

    Price: $329

    • One-time purchase. No re-buys ever.
    • One year of Premium Access free
    • 100% pass-guaranteed. No risk.
    • 5,000 NBME-formatted questions and high-yield explanations
    • Adaptive self-assessment and exam simulation with guided remediation
    • Content organized and weighted upon the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) and the National Board of Medical Examiners® (NBME®) exam blueprint
    • Includes 10 clerkship / shelf exams, USMLE Step 2CK exam prep
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    Med-Challenger saves medical professionals time, money, and stress.

    Save time, money and stress. Get more.

    Don't spend your time and energy - and more money - traveling to and sitting through a live review cram course that leaves you holding a paper binder and no lasting value. With Med-Challenger, you study when you want, where you want.  Stay comfortable.  We bring everything to you.  More than just effective board exam review, more than a "question bank," it's ongoing knowledge support and lifelong practice excellence.

    Plus, our board reviews are designed for your high-stakes exam - as well as your career requirements after you've passed your exam - year after year. You'll never have to buy MOC resources again.

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    "Not only did I get prepared in no time using Med-Challenger, I scored in the 95% percentile."

    Marie Benson, MD