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    Medical Certification Exam Review, CME Requirements, and Maintenance of Certification - Made Easy

    Med-Challenger is the best single answer for your many medical certification requirements.
    Trusted by thousands of physicians, nurses, PAs, and healthcare institutions daily, year after year.

    Med-Challenger is the proven leader in online medical education.
    Med-Challenger medical certification exam review courses are no-risk. 100% pass-guaranteed.
    Clinicians give Med-Challenger a five star rating for exam preparation, CME resources, lifelong learning, and practice efficiency.
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    What is Med-Challenger?

    Med-Challenger is a medical education company that provides a suite of top-quality online medical education courses for clinicians, distance learning, knowledge assessment, and risk-reduction solutions for clinical training programs, hospitals, and group practices, and a personal lifelong education strategy for healthcare professionals across all major medical specialties for medical certification exam review, maintenance of certification, and specialized CME requirements. Courses are 100% pass-guaranteed and remain up-to-date and useful - year after year.  Features and benefits are intelligent, pragmatic, easy-to-use, and effective. For today's clinician, it's quality of care meets quality of life.

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    What is Med-Challenger?

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    Customer Testimonials

    "Med-Challenger is awesome. Easiest way to have everything I need to ace exams and satisfy annual CME requirements throughout my career. Saves me time, money, and stress every year. Great tools and content with a lasting strategy. Big recommend."
    Tom Berg, MD
    "Love the control over my cohorts' activities. No more paper goose-chases and scores are way up.  We hit 100% pass rate again."
    Nancy Porter, NP, Program Manager
    "This is a true 'quality of life' solution for healthcare providers.  Love it."
    Frank Richards, MD
    "Our program loves having Challenger.  Everything we want to do is available, strong pre-built content and easy content authoring.  And all the controls for online education programs. A surprisingly robust medical education platform."
    Arjun Kumar, MD
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    Instantly add online distance learning capabilities to your healthcare institution or training program.