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    AMA President & AI Healthcare With Dr. Harvey Castro


    Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld, MD, MPH is the President of the American Medical Association. Dr. Harvey Castro, MD, MBA is an author and expert in the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare. They will be hosting a discussion on Monday, June 19 to talk about the AMA’s role in AI.

    Challenger doesn’t usually promote events on its blog, this may be the first time. But the implications of AI in healthcare will dwarf every current medical controversy in this decade. If done right, we move towards a patient-centered practice of medicine, if done wrong, some sort of medical dystopia. The AMA, and every clinician, has a role to play in making medicine better, and it’s happening now.

    The AMA’s general guidance on AI, adopted in 2018, are common-sense heuristics governing ethics, risk, transparency, and patient safety.

    Key principles of the policy are:

    1. Ensuring that AI does not compromise the safety or care of patients.
    2. Ensuring that AI is used to enhance physician performance rather than replace physicians.
    3. Ensuring that AI tools are subject to standards and best practices for user-centered design.
    4. Encouraging the education of physicians about the strengths and limitations of AI tools.
    5. Encouraging public input into the use of AI in healthcare.
    6. Promoting the collection of data on the risks and benefits of AI in healthcare.

    As AI developments are moving at an exponential rate now, in everything from drug discovery, machine learning, patient information, EHR’s, to diagnostics, this will be an opportunity to learn more about the AMA’s current approach to AI:

    • What role does the AMA see itself playing?
    • How will the AMA be working towards addressing ethical, regulatory, and advocacy for appropriate use of AI in healthcare?
    • How should healthcare professionals prepare for a future with AI in the practice setting?

    This is not a long discussion - but the AMA plays a key role in shaping AI policy in the United States, and their policies will influence the rest of the world. This is the first interview with the new AMA leadership on AI policy, you should give it a listen.


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