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    Understanding ABP Certification Examination Scoring

    Understanding ABP Exam Scoring

    The ABP fall exam dates are October 10, 11, or 12, 2023.  Registration for the exam ended May 16, 2023.  This is the comprehensive examination for pediatric certification.

    The scoring process of the exam is detailed and thorough, with an emphasis on psychometric analysis, statistical validation, and quality control. If a candidate passes the exam, their certification is effective from the last day the exam was administered during the testing window. Results of the examination are typically released about two months after the exam date, and certificates are mailed approximately four months after the results are released. Additionally, the names of certified pediatricians are made public within two months after the exam results are announced.

    How is the ABP Examination Scored?

    Scoring for the ABP examination is not based on a curve or comparison with other candidates. Instead, it's determined by the number of questions answered correctly. If the number of correct answers meets or exceeds the absolute standard set by the ABP, the candidate will pass the exam. The ABP works closely with Prometric, a testing service company, to accurately capture and transmit your responses. During the initial scoring, the ABP's psychometric staff compare their results with the response data provided by Prometric as part of their quality control process.

    Why Does Scoring Take Time?

    The process of scoring and releasing examination results takes about two months. After the examination, the ABP's psychometric staff conducts a preliminary scoring to verify data accuracy. Next, each question on the exam is reviewed to ensure it's statistically and psychometrically valid. Due to multiple exam forms, the staff uses equating techniques to maintain the same passing standard for all candidates. Before results are released, the ABP ensures all steps in their quality control process have been completed.

    Can I Get My Score Verified or Appeal My Score?

    The ABP has multiple quality control procedures in place, which negates the need for score verification. However, there are limited circumstances in which you can appeal. If you experienced a technical or environmental issue during the exam that you believe affected your performance, you can file a written complaint within three business days from the completion of your exam. If your exam was not compromised, your score will remain the same, but you might be allowed to retake the exam following a successful appeal.

    What Happens After Passing the Exam?

    Candidates who pass the exam receive their certificates approximately four months after the results are made available. If needed, you can request a reprint of your certificate by submitting a signed letter to the ABP. The names of certified pediatricians are published, but their scores are not, within two months after exam results are available. The effective date of certification is the last day the exam was administered during the testing window. Exam results, including names and scores, are reported to the candidate’s program director for evaluation of the training program, except for those who applied through a practice pathway.

    What If I Fail the Examination?

    Candidates who fail the exam have seven years from the completion of training to become certified. This policy was established to assure the public that individuals accepted for examination still possess the competencies verified at the completion of training. If training was not completed within this 7-year frame, the candidate must complete additional supervised practice in an accredited training program to regain eligibility for certification.

    Understanding how the ABP certification exam is scored can help you, so can Med-Challenger.

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