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    February 8, 2024 Customer Newsletter


    • Recertification Exams As We Know Them Are Dead
    • ABFM Spring Exam Time is Almost Here
    • Virtual Reality & AI For Mental Health
    • State Licensure Nightmares for Telehealth Doctors

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    The Recertification Exam is Dead

    Just about the last holdout in acute and primary care was Internal Medicine. The LKA, a 30-question-per-quarter, online exam got an 80% uptake rate immediately. That will, we assume, climb higher.

    The Type of Recertification Exam Most Docs Are Choosing

    About the ABIM Longitudinal Knowledge Assessment (LKA)

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    ABFM Spring Certification Exam

    The ABFM Spring Certification Exam starts in just two months. Will you be ready? 

    About the ABFM Board Exam

    How To Study For The Boards

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    Combination VR + AI Chatbot for Mental Health Support

    This is not being billed as a medical device, though it’s a derivative technology from a Cedars-Sinai patent. Think of it more as one of those meditation and wellness apps. It’s designed around different therapy support areas: CBT, supportive talk, motivational interview, and relapse prevention. This is one of types of session-based usages that early VR will support well

    Cedars-Sinai Behavioral Health App Launches On Apple Vision Pro

    VRx Health Launches Xaia on Apple Vision Pro

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    Telehealth’s Roadblock: The Issue with State Licensure Requirements

    Depending on the outcome and breadth of ruling, the telehealth suit in New Jersey may speed up multi-state licensing compacts for physicians and nurses, and has some implications outside of telehealth. Inside telehealth, the due process and First Amendment basis for the MacDonald case may either remove barriers to cross-border telehealth practice, or raise new barriers.

    Telehealth’s Roadblock: The Issue with State Licensure Requirements | Epstein Becker & Green - JDSupra