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    January 17, 2024 Residency Newsletter


    • Improve Resident ITE Scores
    • News - Virtual Reality in Surgical Training
    • Free AI for Clinicians Course
    • AAMC Annual Report on Residents
    • News - More Dual MBA-MD Programs
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    Med-Challenger for Residency Programs

    Improve resident ITE scores with our up-to-date content. We offer courses dedicated to Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, OBGYN, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Pediatric Emergency Medicine as well as supplemental general knowledge courses.

    Learn more about Med-Challenger for Residency Programs

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    News - Canada: VR Helps Surgical Training

    We are still a couple of product hardware generations from any sort of ubiquity in extended reality for education and medicine, but productive uses are already being deployed.

    “Every time we go into the headset, we're literally inside the patient, looking directly at the tumour, and it's quite exciting”

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    Free AI for Clinicians Course

    Gain vital knowledge on implementing AI in medical practices and healthcare systems with our serialized AI for Clinicians course. Join us for a chapter each week, free for early subscribers, and help shape the course with your feedback. Subscribe now to start applying AI effectively in your practice!

    Artificial Intelligence in Medicine


    The AAMC Annual Report on Residents, 10 Interesting Facts

    Full report link is in the article, the article highlights some of the trends on demographics, specialties, and residency. For all the complaints about fall-offs in match for OBGYN and EM, the population numbers are up slightly.

    2022-2023 AAMC Annual Report on Residents


    News - More Dual MBA-MD Programs

    While mostly anecdotal, the trend towards more joint finance or MBA programs in medical school has both good implications, and bad.

    More Med Students Want Business Degrees Too.