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    January 30, 2024 Nursing Newsletter


    • Assignment Driven and Self-Study Learning
    • Why Are Nursing Students Choosing Expensive Private Universities?
    • Free AI in Medicine Course
    • Exploitation of Poor Students
    • Empathy Matters!


    Flexible Learning Options

    Med-Challenger for Nurse Practitioner Programs allows for flexible learning options, both assignment driven and self-study. We offer courses dedicated to Nurse Practitioners in Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine,  Adult-Gerontology, and Pediatrics, plus tons of supplemental add-ons.

    Learn more about Med-Challenger for Nurse Practitioner Programs


    More Nursing Students Turn to Expensive Private Universities

    While this CalMatters article blames stagnant funding for public institutions, the reality is complicated. For a lot of locations, it is more about faculty availability and available proctoring resources - public nursing school funding is up, faculty pay isn’t. The inability of pay to keep up with inflation isn’t limited to nursing, of course. Clinical training (California is 500 hours) is another bottleneck.



    Free AI for Clinicians Course - Chapters 1-4

    Gain vital knowledge on implementing AI in medical practices and healthcare systems with our serialized AI for Clinicians course. Join us for a chapter each week, free for early subscribers, and help shape the course with your feedback. Subscribe now to start applying AI effectively in your practice!

    Artificial Intelligence in Medicine


    For-profit Colleges Have a Troubled History of Exploiting Poor Students

    This is a letter published in Milwaukee, but the same news week has had an editorial in Florida and two in California all on the same issue, if not quite so inflammatory. When you get past the politics, the problem is with the accreditation environment - regional versus national, state versus ‘other’. If it isn’t CCNE or ACEN (and isn’t one of the more tightly focused groups like COA or ACME), they probably don’t need to be marketing. We’ll probably get in trouble for saying that…

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


    UCF Nursing Graduate’s Project Sparks Learning Experience for Health System

    If you’ve been on the wrong side of the hospital bed, you know an empathetic nurse makes all the difference for a patient. Teaching tools to help understand empathy in patient interactions is one of those courses that really only a nurse would be able to drive and teach. As this one did.

    University of Central Florida News