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    July 10, 2024 Residency Newsletter

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    • EM Resident Test Performance Declining

    • It’s So Hard to Find a Pediatrician

    • Elevate Your Residents' ITE Performance

    • Physicians’ Struggle and Patient Outcomes

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    EM Resident Test Performance Declining

    From Emergency Medicine News: a comparison and discussion of dropping ITE scores in the EM field. ITE scores have dropped pretty much every year, in every PGY, down 8.7% in PGY1 and down 4.1% in PGY3. For certification, first-time pass rates are down 7% since 2018.

    That’s a failure rate on first-time certification that has gone from 5% to 12% in seven years.

    We haven’t seen any data from ABEM about the topical scores on the blueprints, so it is impossible to say if it is specific segments of the EM Model, or whether there are any anomalies in question types or areas.

    EM Resident Test Performance Declining - Emergency Medicine News

    Increase Resident ITE Scores

    divider 3  mindframe_picture_of_beaches_in_summer_highly_detailed_happy__38108a56-dbc1-4b68-8601-f0a04222f4f7_2Why It’s So Hard to Find a Pediatrician These Days

    A New York Times external opinion article on the decreasing number of residents entering Pediatrics as a specialty mentions some of the proposed solutions. The issue of geographic distribution isn’t mentioned, nor are the complexities of dealing with Medicaid reimbursement systems. For that matter, there is also a decreasing number of support specialties around pediatric medicine—social services, psychologists, and pediatric specialists. Pay is one issue, but the overall administrative burden from Medicaid, geographic location needs, and the availability of support professions also have a big impact.

    Opinion: Why It’s So Hard to Find a Pediatrician These Days

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    Elevate residents' ITE performance with Med-ChllengerElevate Your Residents' ITE Performance to New Heights

    With the ACP Internal Medicine and ABFM In-Training Exams (ITEs) coming up, we want you to unlock your residents' full potential with Med-Challenger's Medical Residency Training assessment platform. Our custom learning tools are designed to boost ITE preparedness, increasing board scores and giving your residency program the edge it needs to excel.

    Transform your training approach today and watch your residents soar. With Med-Challenger, success knows no bounds.

    Learn How Med-Challenger for Residencies Can Raise Your Program's ITE Scores

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    With a few buzzwords (OK, a lot), a discussion of the CMS overhaul highlights one of the many issues that RVU-based billing is creating. The increased cost of student loans is mentioned, but the primary fiscal problem is that, like VATs (value-added taxes), RVU-based billing has the ability to complicate physician billing and induce largely hidden changes to reimbursements. The facts are that of healthcare costs in the US, which total $4,500 billion, $187 billion is physician pre-tax pay, or 4.1% of healthcare spending.

    APPs and RNs are in something of the same boat. The last four years of inflation total 17.3%. Generally, pay increases in the same period have not kept up with inflation.

    Financial Crossroads of Care: Physicians’ Struggle and Patient Outcomes - American Journal of Managed Care