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    Why Do Clinicians Choose Med-Challenger?

    Med-Challenger is the best single answer for your medical career certification requirements.
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    Med-Challenger is the proven leader in online medical education.
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    Self-care for Lifelong Practice Excellence and Quality of Life

    With a Med-Challenger account, you'll take care of today's pressing exam and CME requirements - and whatever comes next...again and again.

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    With a Med-Challenger account, you have a way to take care of today's pressing exam or CME requirement, but also whatever comes next...again and again.


    Comprehensive, up-to-date, and new content.
    • High-quality specialty review and knowledge protection

    • Question banks mapped to board exam specifications

    • Detailed answer explanations with bonus Pearls of Wisdom

    • Written and peer-reviewed by practicing, board-certified physician educators.

    • Informative content blogs and updates keep you in step with MOC and guideline changes.

    • Enduring material, unlike a live course you can't revisit.


    Do more in less time with intelligent tools.
    • Intelligent self-assessment and board exam simulation adapts to your knowledge needs

    • Learning prescriptions guide you to reinforcement in areas of difficulty 

    • Smart exams de-emphasize content you know well so you spend time on material you don't

    • Flexible study modes and read-friendly answer keys

    • Build smart custom exams

    • Predictive performance analytics



    Boards and beyond, built for career MOC.
    • Study when you want

    • Earn and claim CME credits and produce CME certificates easily

    • Ongoing news and new content just for having an account

    • Keeps your CME earnings history secure

    • Premium membership keeps ALL of your purchased content assets up-to-date and useful

    • Saves money. Never pay full price again. Renew for less

    • No need to attend or travel to a live course


    Less stress and more quality of life.
    • Works anywhere, on any device, year round

    • Saves time. Intelligent exams focus on what you need to know better

    • Quick and easy to use. No startup labor

    • Don't stress over and over about MOC requirement resources

    • One-time purchases stay in your account forever

    • Single online login to all purchased assets


    Multiple Ways to Learn & Earn

    We know that everyone's practice life and personal requirements vary - as do learning preferences.
    We've set everything up where you can use your content assets in multiple ways within time-saving utilities. 
    Med-Challenger has set everything set up where you can use your content assets in multiple ways within time-saving utilities.


    Prepare for exams faster and score higher.
    • Exam blueprint-based board review

    • Comprehensive, adaptive board exam simulation

    • Chapter & topic exams

    • Practice tests & "see answers" review modes

    • Build, save & re-use intelligent custom exams

    • Instant feedback & remediation analysis


    Earn CME credits while you study - or anytime.
    • Earn CME credit while you study

    • AMA Category 1 credits

    • Specialty credits

    • State-required credits

    • Track CME earnings

    • Easy CME certificate PDF generation


    Stay current though fun peer-to-peer games.
    • Play special CME quiz games within your account

    • Peer leaderboards

    • Create your own player alias

    • New content and CME case challenges weekly

    • Earn free CME credit for playing

    • Winners posted with kudos
    • Play the Quick Quiz now


    Stay informed of changes to care and CME requirements.
    • Medical education news & updates

    • New materials annually for MOC

    • Guideline knowledge checks & updates

    • Diagnostic challenges

    • Informative practice alerts

    • Premium offers


    Buy once. Benefit forever.

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    You're automatically in when you purchase. Enjoy a full year. Stay in for pennies. Stay on easy street.
    And, we sweeten the deal with timely new content from practicing clinicians and educators, maintenance of certification information bulletins, interesting patient scenario Q&A challenges, and free CME quizzes with fun, peer-to-peer ranking.

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    Instead of wasting time and money every year searching for resources, we have a better plan - One-time purchasing and a single low cost Premium Membership super-renewal!

    Low-cost renewal saves money.

    Purchase products at regular price ONCE.  Get a full year of Premium access.  When your membership expires, simply renew EVERYTHING in your account for one low annual fee of $199/yr.

    Keeps your assets fresh & ready.

    We'll keep all of your assets up-to-date and CME ready so you can re-use your assets for MOC and CME/CE needs anytime. You'll even get new content with any qualifying subscription.

    No catch.

    It's your choice whether to set up auto-renew or stop and restart your account access later.  We're here for you.

    With Med-Challenger you buy once and benefit forever.

    "This investment works. I pay a fraction of what I was paying out every year - in money, time, and stress - and now I have high-quality resources on-demand for everything I need to do. It's come in handy far more than I ever anticipated. And it's even fun.

    Marta Gutierrez, MD
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