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    July 09, 2024 Nursing Newsletter

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    • Travel Nursing Still Worth It?
    • Succeed on Your FNP Exam
    • End of the Line for Nursing Homes
    • Nursing Education & HIPPA

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    Is Travel Nursing Still Worth It in 2024?

    With a 10 minute podcast on the site, explores changes in travel nursing in 2024, with general trends in location-based pay, federal employment, and the return of pay rates to pre-pandemic levels.

    Is Travel Nursing Still Worth It in 2024? Predictions, Trends, and Insights -

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    Help Your Students Succeed on the FNP Exam

    Are your students feeling overwhelmed about the final steps to becoming Family Nurse Practitioners (FNPs)? They're not alone. The path is challenging but achievable with the right tools and support. Med-Challenger is here to assist you in guiding your students through their FNP-C/FNP-BC exam preparation and required CNE/CE.

    Our comprehensive study resources are designed to identify knowledge gaps in your students, providing a clear roadmap to success and our tools can also be integrated with systems and technologies already in place within your institution for easy implementation. Med-Challenger offers detailed performance metrics—including longitudinal data and comparative analytics—that reveal curricular trends and shortfalls, helping you track progress toward meeting institutional goals. With over 1,800 board-style questions and extensive didactic content, your students can stay current, credentialed, and pass the FNP exam with confidence.

    Make sure you choose the best tools for your students to succeed. Partner with Med-Challenger today and help your students ace the FNP exam with confidence! 

    Learn more about Med-Challenger's Nurse Practitioner Training LMS

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    Is This the End of the Line for Nursing Homes?

    Long and detailed projections of custodial care have come out right after CMS mandated staffing increases without offsetting increases in reimbursements. These are custodial nursing homes, distinguished from assisted living facilities. While long and detailed, the report draws several conclusions about the future of assisted living, nursing care, and custodial nursing and is worth reading.

    According to the American Health Care Association, assisted living and custodial care employ 298,000 nurses.

    Is This the End of the Line for Nursing Homes? - McKnights Long-Term Care News


    Editorial: The Role of Nursing Education in Ensuring HIPAA Compliance

    This short editorial from HIPAA Journal contains some interesting statistics about ongoing HIPAA compliance training and violations. According to a 2023 survey, only 24% of organizations conduct annual training. This does not reflect overall organizational HIPAA oversight, just staff training initiatives.

    Also not mentioned in the article is the source of the actual HIPAA breaches. It appears they stem from IT security faults.

    Untitled (8)

    (source: Healthcare Data Breach Statistics, also from HIPAA Journal)

    Guess it’s easier to go after nurses and other practice employees than giant healthcare organizations.

    Editorial: The Role of Nursing Education in Ensuring HIPAA Compliance - HIPAA Journal