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    March 29, 2024 Nursing Newsletter


    • Prepare For and Improve Certification Exam Scores & Pass Rates
    • Increases in Virtual Nursing
    • New Approach to Nursing Clinicals
    • Nursing Focused AI Tools


    Prepare Cohorts For Certification Exams

    Prepare for and Improve certification exam scores with Med-Challenger's up-to-date content curated especially for Nurse Practitioners. We offer courses dedicated to Nurse Practitioners in Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Adult-Gerontology, and Pediatrics, plus an array of supplemental general knowledge courses.

    Learn more about Med-Challenger for Nurse Practitioner Programs

    What Nurse Practitioners Say About Med-Challenger


    Virtual Nursing Implementations

    Wandering robotic nurses and teleconferencing in patient rooms is getting a lot of press, and some experimentation. Here’s a consumer-level video from an actual implementation Memphis, and a discussion from HealthLeader Publication about how Geisinger in Pennsylvania is implementing remote nursing.

    Baptist Memphis Expands Virtual Nursing Program

    Geisinger’s Plan to Boost Quality and Patient Experiences Through Virtual Nursing


    Non-Typical Placements for Nurse Training

    St. Luke’s Nampa (Idaho) is rotating nursing students through a variety of departments that meet the med-surg training requirements, doubling the training slots available at their small acute care hospital. Article doesn’t go into it a lot, but structuring the model to match up the requirement nursing placements and procedures involved at the department level were probably complex and time-consuming, but everyone seems to be a fan so far.

    New Approach to Nursing Clinicals Doubles Student Capacity - Boise State News


    UC Irvine is Making Big Strides with Nursing-Focused AI Models

    AI, or what we’re calling AI right now, is going to be like every other tool we use in medicine - a decision support and analysis tool. We check with poison control, we use applications for drug interactions, we use formularies for insurance. AI as a backup diagnostic tool, or even a sophisticated sort of “what else should I look at” search engine are going to be common in months, not years.

    UC Irvine is Making Big Strides with Nursing-Focused AI Models - Healthcare IT News