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    March 13, 2024 Residency Newsletter

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    • Healthcare Issues Remain Unresolved by Congress
    • Pilot Narrative Medicine Curriculum
    • Remote vs. In-Person ITE Scores
    • Emergency Medicine Programs More Likely to Go Unfilled
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    New Appropriations Bill Fails to Avert Payment Cuts in the 2024 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

    It’s nice that GS2211 stayed, but the constant uncertainty of funding, the decreasing reimbursement, and the impact of the understated inflation rates on costs are absolutely eating public clinics, smaller private clinics, independent hospitals, and so on. And telling everyone to wait a quarter, then another quarter, and then another quarter for actual resolution is just nuts.

    ACP Online

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    Implementation and Evaluation of a Pilot Narrative Medicine Curriculum

    Time constraints, EHRs, risk management, compressed clinical education, knowledge explosion - there’s a lot going against narrative medicine. It’s one of those little studies, but note the single session event, and the perception of on mitigation of burnout and pedagogical skills. We ourselves are in the ”…anything that gives the resident time to stop and think…” (and doesn’t involve more caffeine) camp.

    Pilot Narrative Medicine Curriculum

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    Remote and In-Person ITE Scores Comparable

    During the remote tests made available in 2020, there wasn’t any difference in predicted scores and actual, except for a small difference in PGY-1. If we keep remote proctored tests, it could reduce some of the stress and scheduling in the hectic residency training environments.

    Report Shows Score Comparability In-Person, Remote Proctoring

    Ensure High Scores for Your Residents

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    Emergency Medicine Residencies More Likely to Go Unfilled at For-Profit and Newly Accredited Programs

    Summary article by authors of a study on EM residency selection among medical students. While a number of new residencies have been opened, which impacts availability, the practice environment, pay, utilization all seem to be factors.

    …applying for emergency medicine residencies dropped by 16.8% from 2021 to 2022 and declined another 18.1% from 2022 to 2023