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    March 27, 2024 Residency Newsletter

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    • Board Fail Rates Increasing
    • Raise ITE Scores & Pass Rates
    • Match Day Highlights
    • AI Threatens Hospital Security
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    Cardiology Board Fail Rates are Increasing - Can Educators Reverse That Trend?

    It’s almost identical to the drop off in pass rates on the Emergency Medicine boards. The points drop and timing is almost exactly the same. In EM, which we mentioned in a recent customer newsletter, there were complaints about the test itself, in IM, very little shifted in the exams. Years of training disruption and reduction in training resources have taken their toll, and now 14% of first-time takers are failing.

    Cardiovascular Business


    Raise ITE Scores & Pass Rates


    Resident ITE Scores: A Practical Overview

    Ensure Higher ITE Scores


    AMA’s Match Day Highlights

    Rise of DO and IMG applicants ran the overall year-over-year increase in residency applications up 5%, to a new all-time high. 93.5% match rate was within the normal 92% to 95% range. 2,562 positions went unfilled and are in SOAP.

    Inside Match Day 2024 - AMA

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    News - Generative AI Threatens Hospital Cybersecurity

    With Generative AI only a year old in the public view, you’d expect a lot of misunderstandings about AI security.  But before implementation can happen in practice environments, the severe risks data access and leaks need to be understood.

    Generative AI Threatens Hospital Cybersecurity