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    March 28, 2024 Customer Newsletter


    • Link of Scarcity in Primary Care to Emergency Surgeries
    • Complete Emergency Medicine Review, CME, and MOC Options
    • AI in Vascular Medicine
    • Things Are Getting Easier For International Medical Graduates


    Primary Care Scarcity Linked to Surgical Emergencies

    A problem we all already knew existed, but here is more data linking emergency surgeries with lack of primary care. A University of Michigan team looks at severity of limits to primary care access versus emergency surgeries, readmissions, and surgical complications.

    Primary Care Scarcity Linked to More Surgical Emergencies & Problems

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    Complete Emergency Medicine Exam Prep, CME, and MOC Options for as little as $19

    Med-Challenger is happy to now offer everything an Emergency Medicine physician needs on our NEW Med-Challenger FUSE platform. Emergency Medicine Exam Prep with CME as well as a MyEMCert Subscription. Both are complete with didactic content, quizzes, and illustrations integrated with each topic, and multiple credit types.

    Med-Challenger Emergency Medicine Exam Prep with CME

    MyEMCert Topic Subscription

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    AI Tools to Meet Every Need? The Future of Vascular Medicine

    Review of some presentations at ISET 24. A lot of the capability talked about here isn’t new, but underlying the discussion of FDA-approved algorithms is the problem of data. That’s where we think platforms like Microsoft Azure AI can spread the applicability of the narrow neural networks that can offer highly specific image and case analysis tools.

    ISET 2024 AI Summary

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    IMG Path to Licensure Getting Easier

    Tennessee was the first, but eight states have passed or are awaiting signatures on licensure changes aimed at allowing routes to licensure for resident international medical graduates. Most are one to three years supervised practice at a teaching university or underserved area. Some, like Washington state, come with no new training provisions, others are a form of 1 or 2 year supervised practice.

    More States Cut Residency Requirements - Becker’s