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    March 7, 2024 Customer Newsletter

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    • TikTok Drug Ads
    • Be Ready for the ABFM Spring Exam in April
    • Does AI Affect Creativity?
    • How Will Maine Decide to Integrate IMGs Into the Workforce?
    • The Apple Vision Pro

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    TikToker Drug Ads Spark Demands for FDA to Clarify Its Authority

    Use of third-party influencers advertising Ozempic isn’t regulated by the FDA, when it’s not a direct spend by the manufacturer. At least that’s the FDA’s current position. They say they can monitor, but not intervene - putting regulation back over on the FTC. Normally the FDA regulates all marketing and distribution of pharmaceuticals - and has notified companies of violations before on social media. Just not advertising not directly under the manufacturer.

    TikToker Drug Ads Spark Demands - Bloomberg Law

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    One Month Until the ABFM Spring Certification Exam

    The ABFM Certification Exam is only one month away...are you ready? It's not too late for some last minute studying.

    How To Prepare for Family Medicine Boards (8 Tips to Ace the Exam)

    About the ABFM Board Exam

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    AI Helps and Hurts Student Creativity

    Large Language Models (LLMs) are pretty awesome for brainstorming up ideas, but just like any collaboration, the conversation tends to set the limits of thinking. If we ask an LLM to give us 50 ideas for employee engagement, it will come up with stuff that we won’t have thought of. But at the same time, we tend to then focus on those ideas and exclude or don’t think about anything outside of them. Our read on use of LLMs in education is that they can be part of a process, but only after the problem definition and scope of problem thinking has been done.

    Awesome for diagnostics, after the human does the differential. “What else could these presentations mean?”

    AI Can Help - And Hurt - Student Creativity - The Conversation

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    Maine Proposal for IMG Practice

    The article seems to confuse broader efforts by some states to increase nursing workforces, but Maine’s proposed legislation makes them either the fourth or fifth state to have some variation of licensing allowing foreign-trained practicing physicians into the workforce. Depends on how you count Florida and Washington state’s proposal. Most are some variation of practice under supervision in a teaching hospital for X years. Tennessee was the first to pass licensing changes last year, we couldn’t find any information on implementation yet.

    Commission Proposes Program to Integrate Foreign-Trained Physicians into Maine’s Medical Workforce

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    Apple Vision Pro Isn’t Quite There Yet

    Opinion article by an Apple fan. Not all that surprising - the materials science technology is almost there but not quite yet. Product generations in Extended Reality technology generally run a little over 2.5 years, and we’re still a generation away from something that can qualify for even early adopters. Which isn’t to say the device isn’t a good product, and adoptable for some niche uses. For instance, see the SurgicalAR app also linked below (Medivis is well-funded and has been at this a while).

    We’re still in the end-of-the-decade camp at Challenger for something that is ubiquitous and convenient, and the limiting factors are hardware, not software. Batteries, processing power, and display - in particular wider field of vision - are going to be required to make a laptop or desktop screen replacement.

    I’m a VR enthusiast. Here’s why the Vision Pro doesn’t excite me

    SurgicalAR for 2D to 3D scan conversion