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    Nurse Practitioner Exam Prep Comparison Testimonial

    Nurse Practitioner Exam Prep Comparison Testimonial: Med-Challenger vs. Board Vitals

    See what customers are saying about Med-Challenger for nurse practitioner exam prep and continuing education.

    The nurse practitioner profession is booming and nurse practitioner programs are in high demand.  We know.  Med-Challenger provides online distance learning capabilities to many premier nurse practitioner training programs today.  What's interesting is that individual practicing nurse practitioners are only now seeking such online tools for themselves to strengthen and protect their NP certifications - be it the one - or the several. 

    It seems that the days of the live conference are over - at least where nurse practitioners are looking for fast, convenient, and durable career-minded education resources.  After all, getting certified is not the same as staying certified - you need it all - over and over - across a variety of specializations.  Like every other healthcare provider, nurse practitioners are going online to find a best single answer.

    With that search for NP career education and certification assurance happening more and more, you can wonder what's the best choice?  After all, there are several out there. 

    Well, there's the task at hand, sure.  You'll have many.  And then, there's the future you.

    Med-Challenger, for example, offers a catalog of nurse practitioner exam review and CNE courses including courses for ANCC/AANP FNP, ENP, and AGPCNP exams, annual Pharmacology CE requirements as well as a host of online NP education courses for workplace-required CME and other professional clinical skills.

    Recently, Med-Challenger has introduced a CPNP-PC pediatric nurse practitioner primary care certification exam review and CNE course.  (You can start a free trial of any course in the Med-Challenger store.)

    If you're asking... Is Med-Challenger the best choice? Here's a recent, unsolicited review from a practicing nurse practitioner who discovered the real-world differences between Med-Challenger and another vendor.

    "I purchased a 3 month subscription of Board Vitals and a 12 month subscription of Med Challenger and this is what I found...

    I found right off the bat that there was a large price discrepancy.

    Board Vitals 3 month subscription was comparable to a 12 month subscription on Med-Challenger. I will say up front that I did purchase both when they were offering discounts. Board Vitals also charged an extra $99+ for CMEs vs Med Challenger which included these with your 12 month subscription.

    Med Challenger also offers close to 1000+ more NP questions than Board Vitals does. Med Challenger also offers a low cost renewal option but if you wish to renew at Board Vitals you need re-buy at full price.

    You are probably wondering why anyone would want to use a board review program other than to study for boards but Nurse Practitioners are required to submit CMEs in order to keep their licenses current.

    In addition to the things mentioned, Med Challenger offers a colorful website that is divided by four main tabs. These include a Study tab where you can build custom exams, simulate the exam and study by topic. An Earn tab where you can earn, find and claim CME credits. A Play tab where you can compete with other participants using the site. And lastly, an Explore tab which keeps you up to date on new guidelines and information relating to medicine.

    They both offer 100% pass guarantees but with over 210 ANCC CNE credits and 45.7 ANCC pharmacotherapy contact hours included at a much lower price point, along with a friendlier more colorful experience I feel that Med-Challenger is the clear winner.

    Lastly, I had an opportunity to interact with customer support staff at Med Challenger and I found them to be extremely friendly and accommodating. They made me feel that my learning and satisfaction was number one on their minds."

    Alvin Ciosek, FNP

    It's pretty encouraging to get these messages.  A lot goes into the content and services we provide.  We hope our commitment to quality education and our customers - and the entire journey - is evident.  We - like you - are here to help.

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    Mary Alice O'Brien, DNP, ARNP, FNP-BC

    Questions? We're Here for You.

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