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    What Nurse Practitioners Say About Med-Challenger, NP Product Reviews

    What Do Nurse Practitioners Say About Med-Challenger?

    Nurse Practitioner customer testimonials and feedback about Med-Challenger for a successful NP career of certification (AANP & ANCC FNP, ENP, AGNP, CPNP), annual CE requirements ease - and an less stressful life.

    Med-Challenger's NP Product addresses many different concerns and requirements of today's nurse practitioner.  If you're an asking, 'What do nurse practitioners say about Med-Challenger?' , here are some recent testimonials, reviews and overall feedback from Med-Challenger nurse practitioner customers. 

    To the thousands of nurse practitioner customers we've helped over nearly 30 years, from passing ANCC / AANP FNP exams, to ENP, AGNP and CPNP exams to annual certification maintenance to special CE requirements and more, thank you. We're happy to continue serving the nurse practitioner community as well as the Nurse Practitioner programs using Med-Challenger for NP distance learning management.

    And to those nurse practitioners who haven't tried Med-Challenger yet, we welcome you to sign up for free and see what Med-Challenger can do for you.


    Med-Challenger NP Customer Feedback Survey Results

    Med-Challenger's Nurse Practitioner Content Quality Shines Through

    Reviews of Med-Challenger by Nurse Practitioners

    What Nurse Practitioners Say About Med-Challenger
    Best nurse practitioner exam review - It's everything for the career NP.

    I got the Med-Challenger NP PRO Bundle several years ago after using Med-Challenger at my NP program.  I've since used Med-Challenger for FNP, ENP and CPNP exam prep, passing each time.  It's the best "does it all" thing I've seen for NP and it really pays for itself every year.  I have all my annual state and pharma CE requirements covered forever and I can continue to hone my skills (and refresh) in all my nurse practitioner specializations on my own time.  Plus, I never have to buy these things again!  Med-Challenger keeps everything fresh and useful to me.  I highly recommend the NP PRO package.

    Virginia Mason, DNP


    Med-Challenger NP Reviews

    See what nurse practitioners have said about our nurse practitioner board review courses.
    O'Brien, DNP, ARNP, FNP-BC

    Med-Challenger gives you the best NP content and tools for passing exams - FNP and ENP. Even better, it stays useful for annual CE requirements.

    Mary Alice O'Brien, DNP
    Kesha Williamson, NP

    Thank you for making the ANCC FNP exam easy. Much more effective than a live nurse practitioner certification review course. Less cost. And no travel!

    Kesha Williamson, FNP
    Barlow, NP

    Passed the AANP exam and plan on keeping this. It's a gold mine for NPs. Other reviews just don't do everything Med-Challenger does.

    Barry Barlow, FNP
    Michael Wortell, MSN, FNP-BC

    “Med-Challenger was, hands-down, the best investment I made in my NP boards preparation. I was thrilled by the sheer volume of questions offered in their test bank. The questions were challenging and aided me in growing not only as a student preparing to test but as a soon to be professional NP. The “Smart Test” option was immensely helpful because it helped me focus on weak areas that I might otherwise skip over. Med-Challenger has done a phenomenal job of organizing what could easily be an overwhelming amount of content. The option to study by subject matter was a wonderful means by which to organize my day-to-day test preparation. I was able to move system-by-system until I completed a review of almost every aspect of the human body!

    I would be remiss if I did not add a note regarding how helpful the answer rationales were for each question. The rationales always included a “key point” at the outset, which I would read if I was really crunched for time and wanted the cliff-notes version of why an answer was correct or incorrect. But following the “key point,” was a thorough explanation of the topic addressed by the question. I honestly wish I had access to these answer rationales while going through school! They were so thorough and yet readable that I found myself reading up on topics I already felt comfortable with just to add to my knowledge base. I couldn’t be more thrilled with my decision to utilize Med-Challenger as my primary nurse practitioner certification test preparation resource. I would recommend Med-Challenger to absolutely anyone preparing for their NP boards! 10/10.

    Michael Wortell, MSN, FNP-BC

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    Product reviews are needed by others considering a purchase, and they are for us as well. These days, without trade shows and talks with our customers in live environments, we rely on reviews to tell us what is most important to you, what worked well, and what could be improved.

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    Why Nurse Practitioners Choose Med-Challenger

    Benefits of a Better Plan

    By far the best investment I've made for continuing medical education. Saves me time over and over.

    Mike Stevens, MD

    Many of our customers have used their Med-Challenger online account every year for decades.  Why? Because Med-Challenger keeps everything up-to-date and useful beyond board exams.  This is the content you need to know for your ongoing practice - and information changes.  So, our board reviews also serve as ongoing knowledge refreshment programs.

    What's really nice about Med-Challenger is you can add multiple auto-updating subscriptions to your single account.  Put simply, there's more to practice and certification than passing a single exam, once.  Other vendors don't address the elephant in the room... what's coming next after today?  Annual requirements - more stress, more scrambles.  Not with Med-Challenger.

    For example, let's say you pass your board exam... Ok, great.  Next, you'll have annual MOC and CME requirements come due.  We have those "outside of board exams" requirements covered as well.  You buy your assets once and you receive NEW content and updates every year as part of your account's holdings.

    If its group or institutional NP medical education that you seek, click here to learn more or request a live demo.

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