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    What Emergency Medicine Physicians Say About Med-Challenger

    What Do Emergency Medicine Physicians Say About Med-Challenger?

    Emergency medicine customer testimonials and feedback about Med-Challenger for a successful EM career of ABEM certification, annual MOC and CME requirement ease - and an less stressful life.

    Med-Challenger addresses many different concerns and requirements of today's emergency medicine practitioner.  If you're an asking... What do emergency physicians say about Med-Challenger?  Here are some recent testimonials, reviews and feedback from Med-Challenger emergency medicine customers. 

    To the thousands of emergency medicine customers we've helped over nearly 30 years, from passing ABEM exams to MyEMCert certification maintenance to special CME requirements and more, thank you. We're happy to continue serving the emergency medicine community

    And to those emergency medicine practitioners who haven't tried Med-Challenger yet, we welcome you to sign up for free and see what Med-Challenger can do for you.

    Med-Challenger EM Customer Feedback Survey Results

    Med-Challenger's Emergency Medicine Content Quality Shines Through

    Med-Challenger asked 3300 users for feedback on Med-Challenger EM.

    Here's a quick video of what emergency medicine physicians said about Med-Challenger.

    Reviews of Med-Challenger by Emergency Medicine Practitioners

    What Emergency Physicians Say About Med-Challenger
    I have been using Med-Challenger EM for over twenty years.

    I have used Med-Challenger to prepare for both AAPS-EM and ABFM boards - and passed each time. I have Med-Challenger EM and FM, an EKG course and the COVID-19 module in my account so far. It's been so useful.

    For exams, the program has both learning and testing phases to get the most out of study. I can review the areas I feel I know best first - using the review mode, then take the testing mode. This way I can see and feel progress right off the bat as well as gain confidence.

    Having tons of CME credits handy for all of my recurring MOC requirements makes it all the better. Everything is always up-to-date and new content appears regularly. I'll probably upgrade to EM PRO to add their new ABEM MyEMCert MOC Collection and Joint Commission CME courses.

    Nancy Ferguson, MD

    Med-Challenger Emergency Medicine Reviews

    See what family physicians have said about
    our #1 emergency medicine board review - Med-Challenger EM
    M. Gelman, MD

    Thank you for an excellent emergency medicine review. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a convenient method to prepare for the ABEM ConCert exam. Thanks again!

    Marc Gelman, MD
    K Jakson, MD

    Excellent ABEM question bank, high-yield explanations, and useful long-term. EM PRO gives me everything I need! This is ideal for emergency physicians.

    Kristy Jackson, MD
    David Mathis, MD

    Just scored my highest score on the ABEM recertification exam. Have used Med-Challenger for years. Always well done and does the trick. Keep it up!

    David Mathis, MD

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    Product reviews are needed by others considering a purchase, and they are for us as well. These days, without trade shows and talks with our customers in live environments, we rely on reviews to tell us what is most important to you, what worked well, and what could be improved.

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    Why Emergency Medicine Practitioners Choose Med-Challenger

    Benefits of a Better Plan

    Years ago I purchased the Med-Challenger Library and since then I have never failed using this wonderful tool. This includes two ER and three Internal Medicine Board recertifications. Your product only gets better!

    Nicholas J. Manzari, Jr., M.D., M.B.A

    Many of our customers have used their Med-Challenger online account every year for decades.  Why? Because Med-Challenger keeps everything up-to-date and useful beyond board exams.  This is the content you need to know for your ongoing practice - and information changes.  So, our board reviews also serve as ongoing knowledge refreshment programs.

    What's really nice about Med-Challenger is you can add multiple auto-updating subscriptions to your single account.  Put simply, there's more to practice and certification than passing a single exam, once.  Other vendors don't address the elephant in the room... what's coming next after today?  Annual requirements - more stress, more scrambles.  Not with Med-Challenger.

    For example, let's say you pass your board exam... Ok, great.  Next, you'll have annual MOC and CME requirements come due.  We have those "outside of board exams" requirements covered as well.  You buy your assets once and you receive NEW content and updates every year as part of your account's holdings.  Special bundles offer additional savings when you purchase items in our store.

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