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    June 21, 2024 Residency Newsletter

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    • Resolution to Make USMLE 3 Pass/Fail
    • IMGs Role in American Medicine
    • The Upcoming Academic Year is Here
    • Alabama Has AI Doctors
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    Resolution to Make USMLE 3 Pass/Fail

    We’re not sure if this is going anywhere, but the subject has been getting tossed back and forth for several years. The justification, as written in the AMA resolution, is going to be a hard sell: '…preparing for Step 3 on top of clinical duties during residency may detract from on-the-job learning and patient care, especially for trainees who pursue fellowships, as Step 3 scores are a component of the application process.

    The proposed policy is to change USMLE 3 / COMLEX-USA 3 from a scored exam to a pass-fail exam, and change them both from two-day to one-day exams.

    Move USMLE Step 3 to Pass-Fail to Boost Residents’ Well-Being - AMA

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    Everyone Under the Big Tent: the international Medical Graduate

    The former President of the American College of Physicians presents some interesting numbers on international medical graduates (IMGs) in academic medicine and research. Internal medicine has the highest percentage of IMGs in the U.S. healthcare system. A lot of good history and statistics here illustrate the growth and contributions in academics and medical practice.

    Everyone Under the Big Tent: the international Medical Graduate

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    You Know What July Means...

    The upcoming academic year is upon us! Med-Challenger’s Medical Residency Training Learning Management System (LMS) is a powerful tool designed to help residents excel. With Med-Challenger’s LMS, program directors can gain deep insights into program performance, track key metrics, initiate remediation, identify trends, and recognize achievements effortlessly.

    Our content, updated regularly by esteemed physicians and educators, adapts to changing standards of care. We offer courses specific to:

    • Emergency Medicine
    • Family Medicine
    • OB/GYN and Women’s Health
    • Internal Medicine
    • Internal Medicine - Pediatrics (Med-Peds)
    • Pediatric Medicine
    • Pediatric Emergency Medicine

    Additionally, our supplemental courses on general knowledge and clinical skills support residents in their professional growth. Med-Challenger integrates seamlessly with existing systems for easy implementation.

    Learn More About Med-Challenger for Residencies

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    Florida Makes Space Doctors, Now Alabama Has AI Doctors

    Last week, it was University of Central Florida's hope to offer the first master’s in Space Medicine. The University of Alabama at Birmingham has been approved to offer an AI-focused medical degree, the Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. This program will include both the background knowledge necessary for building AI—such as machine learning, computer vision, and transformer neural networks—and its medical applications.

    However, don’t bring your medical degree to apply; they’re looking for candidates with computer sciences, math, and engineer degrees, with a ‘strong background in calculus, statistics and linear algebra.’ <shudders>

    Beyond Virtual: ChatGPT’s Role in the Residency Application Cycle