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    March 14, 2024 Customer Newsletter


    • Pushback to Non-Compete Agreements
    • NEW Emergency Medicine Review & CME
    • AI Content Enhancements
    • Inflation Eating Wage Gaines

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    Physician Non-Compete Agreements Getting Pushback

    The AMA estimates between 35% and 45% of physicians are now in non-compete agreements, corresponding roughly to the increase in hospital system employment and the death of private practice. State legislatures are pushing back. It’s part of a general pushback against non-compete agreements, as FTC proposals for restricting the agreements are starting to come to a head. (This is also where we always comment that the ABA doesn’t allow non-compete contracts for attorney’s. Huh).

    Who owns the patient? Physician non-competes

    Counterpoint - the AHA argument that non-competes raise physician pay

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    NEW Emergency Medicine Exam Prep with CME

    We are excited to introduce the new Med-Challenger Emergency Medicine ABEM Exam Prep with CME course now on Med-Challenger FUSE! Complete with didactic content, quizzes, and illustrations for each topic. Includes over 250 AMA PRA Category 1 and 60 ACEP Category 1 credits. Now offering flexible subscription options to fit any need and budget.

    Med-Challenger Emergency Medicine Exam Prep with CME

    About the ABEM Board Exam

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    Challenger AI Enabled Course Content Enhancement

    We have three categories for AI-based improvements in learning systems. The third area deals with using Large Language Models (LLMs) for content expansion and enhancement. For instance, giving students access to discussions of common comorbidities, pathophysiology diagrams, or confounding signs and symptoms. We’re beginning to plug links to some of these across our courses.  

    Public releases of LLMs are only a year old, but are already changing the quality and thoroughness of medical education. You can see more about the new buttons in the courses here

    AI Content Enhancements in Challenger Courses (15 External Calls)

    Challenger Artificial Intelligence - Everything You Need to Know

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    Inflation Eating Wage Gains (no kidding)

    In a blog article that got picked up and echoed on some news services, a staffing agency did an inflation-based comparison based off a Bureau of Labor Statistics survey to determine that nurses wages are rising slower than inflation. We have news for them…

    Nurses’ Raw Wages Rose by 7% from 2021 to 2022